Summers Bay Sand


I smile.

I smile.

I laugh and spread my joy of life with all the birds around me.

You sing too, louder, stronger and braver than us all. I label you Gladiator cause I see you pain and you fight with yourself for yourself from what they did to you.

Call me an idiot. I fell from my sky to comfort your feet with pleasure. Being born into the clouds I cannot understand why your limited to this land and always run to greener grass.

I believe I tried to save you cause I Loved you, afraid of denying how I feel I let you feed off me and when there was little left and my hands were reaching for your help you flew away with my wings.

I found clarity on this land but it soon faded now I hide in trenches never to be seen be this world. You can point down on me all you need to calling me what your life’s anger tells you too. For I too weakened by you will bare the pain from your lashes in my man hole forever locking my tool away.

You broke me and I try to understand your destruction and forgive you but I can’t and for all its worth I hope my words reach you and bless you when I say “I love you”

As I love all and hope all prospers for all.

My lobotomized wings I sure do miss them and wonder if these new wings I grow will carry me and be dignified in the light I will head to.

Heaven is not far from reach when you let go of all your luggage baggy lady and let the positivity of my wings take you there

What lies above

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Harry Smith

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Krzysztof Domaradzki. Crack Is Right Here, 2003-2004. Mixed media on board.

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Myah Bailey.

Myah Bailey is an illustrator living in Colorado.  She has a solo show, “Lovesick,” opening October 5th 2012 at Catawampus Art Gallery in Chicago, Illinois. 

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Shot with Aviva from Amamak Photography yesterday. Follow their tumblr, they got some great instant film work. 





Joey L. Holy Men. Jatas. Lal Baba has dreadlocks (jatas) several meters long, which have been growing for over 40 years. To sadhus, dreadlocks are a sign of renunciation and a life dedicated to spirituality. Varanasi, India.                                                                                        

Meno… Being my prized possession I loose myself in her world as though she was born to express my hopes unto me..

Real life

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